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USS Infinity
Mission logs for the USS Infinity

Mission logs and reports can be posted here, please just email them to me and I'll post them ASAP

First Posting
[Uss Appalachian]arrival of the USS Dessalines
((Infinity Sickbay))
As I informed Commander Harris that the needed plasma was arriving shortly, via the Dessalines, I was hailed by the bridge.
Lt Ashlock: =/\= Bridge to Commander Michaels =/\=, the Dessalines has arrived and is hailing,Sir =/\=
Commander Michaels=/\= I'm on my way, go to RED ALERT
Lt Ashlock: Aye sir
:I bolted out of the sickbay and ran to the turbolift. When I reached the bridge, I immediately went to the captain's chair::
Commander Michaels: On Screen Lieutenant!
Lt Ashlock: Aye Sir!
Once again Captain Smith's image appeared from the bridge of the Dessalines.
Captain Smith: Greetings again Commander, I am glad to see you are still here. My CMO will be over shortly, but what do you want to do with the Romulans?
Commander Michaels: Captain, My science officer Lt Becker has an alternate possibility to explore that may result in no one firing a shot.
Lt Becker's Plan would include some canisters of benzine gas.
He says if you were to beam some of these Canisters onto the Warbird in select areas, we could possibly sedate the crew of the Warbird and tow her to starbase 214.
Captain will you please deploy the canisters?

(Captain Smith respond)

((Infinity Bridge))
::As I finished telling Captain Smith of my science officers Idea, I waited for his reply,and he thought for a moment and then spoke::
Captain Smith: Yes Commander, I believe that's a great idea, I'll get the canisters ready,but for now lower your shields and prepare to receive my CMO.
I will contact you when I am Ready, Captain Smith Out
:As the image of Captain Smith faded from the viewscreen, I turned to my tactical officer and spoke:
Commander Michaels: Lieutenant Roberts, prepare to lower shields and beam over the Dessalines CMO.
Lt. Roberts: Aye sir
Commander Michaels:=/\= Bridge to Transporter room 4, Prepare to beam the Dessalines CMO aboard.
Transporter Chief:=/\=Acknowledged Bridge
Commander Michaels: Lieutenant Roberts lower the shields
Lt Roberts: Shields are down
Transporter Chief: =/\=Transporter room 4 to the bridge,the Dessalines CMO has beamed aboard.
Commander Michaels:=/\= Acknowledged, have the doctor escorted to sickbay immediately, Bridge out.
Lt Roberts: Raise the Shields
Lt Roberts: Aye Sir, shields are up and holding at 92%
Commander Michaels: That's fine lieutenant, since it will take Captain smith some time to prepare the canisters, I'm going down to sickbay to check out the progress of Lieutenant Lansing.
Lieutenant Roberts,you have the bridge,I want you to maintain RED ALERT.

When the captain is ready he will contact us, Alert Me immediately when the Dessalines ready,
Lt Roberts: Aye sir
I then left the bridge and headed for sickbay,when I arrived the Dessalines CMO,and the Infinity's EMH were talking.
Dessalines CMO: you will need to bring her out of stasis,slowly when her systolic pressure reaches 68,begin the transfusion. After the transfusion is complete,then wait for the pressure to stabilize then give her 150cc's of anaprovaline for the plasma to prevent any type type of rejection that might be caused by the slower blood flow during stasis.
Commander Harris: I will do that Doctor, I think Commander Michaels wishes to speak with you.
Commander Michaels: Yes Doctor,I wish to speak with you,How is she? Will she make a complete recovery?

Dessalines CMO: We were lucky commander, If we had gotten here 20 minutes later there would have been too much blood lavidity for the transfusion to have taken hold and your lieutenant would have died. She will be fine for now, however she will need to remain in sickbay for 24 hours for us to monitor her closely,then she will be allowed to return to her quarters to recuperate. After that she'll be able to return back to active duty,that is if no other complications should arise.

Commander Michaels: Great Doctor, Thank you for your expertise and the life of my security chief, so will you be returning to the Dessalines now?
Dessalines CMO: I will remain here for awhile, if you wouldn't mind,just to make sure that the transfusion has grabbed hold and also to make sure no other complications arise.
:Just as I was about to respond to the Doctor the bridge hailed:

Lt.Roberts: =/\=Bridge to Commander Michaels
I walked to the Comm panel and keyed the console:
Commander Michaels: =/\= Go ahead Bridge
Lt. Roberts:=/\= Commander sensors read a ship entering this sector, sir it's the Appalachian.
Commander Michaels: I'm on my way lieutenant,Michaels out.
I closed the Channel and left the sickbay,when I reached the bridge I went to the captain's chair and spoke to Lt. Ashlock
Commander Michaels: Lt. Ashlock, Hail the Appalachian.
Lt. Ashlock: Aye sir
Lt. Ashlock: Channel open sir =/\=Infinity to the Appalachian,please respond =/\=

As the Viewscreen changed,the bridge of the Appalachian appeared with the image of Commodore Parker in the Captain's chair.

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