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Captain Jenn's Log
logs updated

I will try and keep a weekly log

Tues, September 7/04
Life has been good thus far, I've been certified as a Massage Therapist, shortly to become a Registered Massage Therapist, here's hoping anyways, and still working at Dairy Queen after 2 years.
 My fish Died on Saturday night, ah well I knew it was going to happen anyways, my cat and I are doing fine, my grandpa on the other hand is not so lucky, so I'm hoping to visit with him at christmas time, here's hoping, and  I thought I would leave DQ after 2 years , oh well, I'm going to be asking for a raise sometime soon,
I've been there longer then one of the other girls there and she's already a manager and she's only been there close to 2 years, I'm going on 3 years June 20th, here's hoping I can last long at the place of my employment, and it's not fair, but you know what I could care less, once I'm registered as  RMT, I'll be looking for a part time job at least, until I get back into the groove of doing Massages.

June 6/05
I'm writing again, It's coming up to my fourth year at Dairy Queen, I keep looking for another job, no luck yet, I'm not giving up though, I worked a long week last week and hope to not do that again, but whatever, Bacci's doing just wonderful and so is the rest of my family, well I guess that's all for now, not much I know, but I'm cold and hands are too, so I hopefully will add some more later when I've warmed up a bit.


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