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USS Infinity
Infinity Meets Appalachian

Commodore Parker, please Respond
Commander Michaels: Thank you Commodore,we consider ourselves quite fortunate to be here.
As I finished my sentence I heard Lt.Cmdr Diosmano,speak to me
Lt.Cmdr Diosmano: How are you holding up commander how did they execute their attack?

Commander Michaels: The infinity is getting the repairs she needs and as for the toslak and Romulans this is was not what I had in mind,as to how the plan would be implemented, we had just finished speaking to you and I had engineering to rig up the high resonance beam as you had instructed, when engineering was ready,we engaged the beam and I attempted to contact the toslak,Immediately our scans showed them powering weapons,they fired before I could react,we took a minor hit to our forward shields and returned fire, we hit them amid ship and they executed a standard escape maneuver and went into high warp, I ordered a pursuit course and engaged at warp 9.7,then sensors showed a Romulan Warbird De-cloaking and we were fired upon before we knew it,I ordered full phasers towards her starboard Nacelle,they returned fire,our sensors were damaged in the attack,so I ordered immediate contact with you,the Romulans had employed a jamming signal,so In turn I ordered my Comm officer to keep trying. I then returned fire with Photon Torpedoes,a full spread and took out their propulsion system,and hit them in the vicinity of their bridge,as you can see they are still having trouble getting underway as of yet.

Lt.Cmdr Diosmano: Hmm... this is very strange,Romulan Strategy
has changed,I mean this is very peculiar.

Just then I heard the Appalachian's comm signal and Lt.Cmdr Diosmano spoke again
Lt.Cmdr Diosmano: Ma'am the Dessalines hailing us
(Commodore Parker respond)
Commander Michaels: Well Commodore,my science officer has a plan,that if succeeds will allow us to secure the Romulan ship without further weapons fire,I'll let Captain Smith explain it to you and if you need any further explanation don't hesitate to contact me.
:Very Well Commodore,I will stnad ready to receive your signal:
Infinity out.

As the Image of the Commodore faded, I was relieved that the Appalachian had arrived,I knew now that all would be fine,for no matter how much the Romulans wanted to retaliate,If the Romulans fought the Appalachian,they'd wish that they had remained on their side of the neutral zone and if we deployed the gas they would soon find themselves at Starbase 214 leaving the Romulans wondering what had happened.


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