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USS Infinity
Enemies 2

Second Installment series for Commodore K'tyra Parker,This is the property of the Commodore and all communication for release of this information will be at the Commodore's sole discretion.

USS Venture
Captain William Tyson, Commanding Officer

Enroute to the planet,Velos 2,in the Agromnis System,the venture encountered a class 4 Quasar,under orders to investigate all quasar and all like Phenomenon,the venture set course to investigate. Captain Tyson ordered all Scanners to full intensity and proceeded to investigate,10,000 kilometres from the Quasar,the Venture was hit by a high intensity energy beam that disabled systems shipwide. The Computer Sounded "INTRUDER ALERT,DECK 8,SECTION 21 ALPHA" Captain Tyson ordered security to Deck 8 and awaited for the report,The first team on the scene reported that a gaseous creaturehad boarded the ship,then reported that they were under attack,they couldn't breathe....and then nothing. Captain Tyson Ordered security to fire phasers on sight and to stay away from the entity at all costs. The second team spotted the creature on the engineering deck and fired full phasers into the creature with no effect,on the bridge internal sensors showed that the creature had disabled the ships external scanners and life support to the entire ship,then the internal sensors went offline,Security reported that the creature was headed towards the main bridge,Captain Tyson asked for a level 10 forcefieldto be put in place around the creature to see if it would detain the creature,ordering security to tell him where the creature was they surrounded the creature with the forcefield,wondering how long it would hold the creature,Captain Tyson ordered security to get a universal translator and meet him on Deck 2 where the creature is quarantined,When Captain Tyson Reached Deck 2,Security had the translator ready for him to try and communicate with the alien. I am Captain William Tyson of the Federation Vessel,the USS Venture,we mean you no harm,why have you killed my people? we are on a peaceful mission to...
YOU HAVE KILLED MANY OF US WITH YOUR WEAPON,WE WILL DESTROY YOU,YOU WILL DIE AS YOU HAVE MADE US DIE. This is Captain Tyson we only used our weapons in self defence,you killed us first,you.. YOU APPROACHED US FIRST,AND KILLED MANY OF US WITH YOUR WEAPON,YOU MADE THE FIRST KILL,WE WILL DESTROY YOU....Later the Bridge contacted the Captain,sir the Alien message was heard all over the ship,they must be susceptible to our scanners,that must be the reason why the creature disabled them, This is Captain Tyson,we did not know you were vulnerable to our scanners,otherwise we would have avoided using them.
WE THE HAFTARIANS,WILL DESTROY YOU,WE WILL KILL ALL OF YOUR PEOPLE,WE WILL ADD YOUR SMALL ENERGY TO OUR LIFEFORCE TO MAKE US LIVE. Captain Tyson ordered the aliens be beamed back to the quasar and as soon as they were returned the Venture went to maximum warp away from the quasar,Captain Tyson aptly named the Quasar Haftar and told starfleet command to warn all ships to avoid it at all costs. The Haftar Quasar is strictly off limits to all starfleet vessels and there is a warning buoy 200,000 km away from the Quasar warning all ships to the danger of the area.

second installment of Enemies


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