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Star Trek
What Greek God am I?
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?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ??
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You are naturally born with a gift, whether it be
poetry, writing or song. You love beauty and
creativity, and usually are highly intelligent.
Others view you as mysterious and dreamy, yet
also bold since you hold firm in your beliefs.

What Type of Soul Do You Have ?
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You're Sailor Mercury! You are responsible, caring,
and smart! Really smart! Your friends love you
for who you are, but be nice and let them copy.

..::Which Sailor Moon Character are you??::..
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You are borderline insomniac. You don't suffer from
sleep deprivation but you don't spend countless
random hours sleeping either. Lucky you!

Amateur Insomniac? Or the real deal?
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You're Element is Water. You are soft and serene at
most times but like Wind, you're scary when
you're mad. You probably have a talent, which is
singing and even your speaking voice is lovely.
You have an innocent type of beauty that makes
you look younger than you are and you like
close relationships with people.

What's Your Element(girls)? (PICTURES)
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