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Star Trek
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Sweet Darling me
here's another Quiz
Raver Bear yay
yay me
Take a wild guess
whooo hooooo!!!!!
Oh dear
Trek Rocks :P


well u passed u r a looney like me yay!

are you a crazy loonatic like me?
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You wanna kill Hayes
Sean Hayes,you're too annoyed by his character on
will & grace

What annoying Celebrity would you most likely wanna kill?
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The Great Wolf A servant of god that cares for every living thing
except evil species and will only fight if it
has too this is a race so ancient so powerful
and great they could wipe out this entire
universe with their great strength and magic
powers they are unstoppable and believe me they're
no push over in a blink of an eye and they can
travel over 500,000 times faster than the speed
of light they take form as humans and can
transform at any time and they mostly come out
at night and they have 18 forms or more but you
can only be biten or born to become one so be
careful who you mess with because these are
real and yes they are mind readers and there is
up to 567,234,879,231 so far recorded on earth
but they all have at least one weakness and
good luck finding that out. So these guys
have earned their spot as the number 1 beast!
And dont be fouled just one of these guys
could take out an army of vamps.

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