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Star Trek

Trek Rocks :P

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Trek Rocks :P

Which Captain Am I?

You are Captain Janeway
Voyager's Captain, Kathryn Janeway.

Which Captain are you?
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your the water spirit!:) you are very loyal and you
are good at giving advise. you can be nice and
you can be mean it depends on how well you treat
the animals on earth. u love animals and does
anything to save them you can heal anything
with the drop ov her water. you are friends
with all ov the spirits!:)

???Which spirit are you???(GRLZ ONLY!!!!!!)
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You're on the NX-01 Enterprise, the very first ship
capable of Warp 5! Your captain is Jonathan
Archer, the son of the inventor of the Warp 5
model! Do me a favor and try to keep your
excitement under control.

What star trek ship should you be on?
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You are most like B'Elanna Torez
B'Elanna Torres--- You had a very interesting past
that your still trying to forget, you try to
focus on your life now. You love your family
life and your job, but they are both stressful
and often have you at wits end trying to hold
back your wicked temper. You don't think your
attractive at all, you focus too much on your
bad points and overlook your beautiful
features, don't worry, no one else see's you
this way.

What Chick on Star Trek are you?
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